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XEXLeafy Ginza is home to the hippest most romantic jazz bar in the Orient. Pronounced Zecks, it’s an ultra-modern space, with a baby grand and majestic floor-to ceiling-windows in its main room; and an extraordinary terrace with reflecting pool, lanterns and mini-waterfall beyond. The dusty tones and sleek low-slung furnishings and cushions resemble a Schrager design hotel in a desert, although you’…

Tiki Tiki
Tiki TikiOne can never have too much tiki. Well one probably could but excess is part of the parcel at Tokyo’s Tiki Tiki. Minimalists will probably have a conniption fit on first laying eyes on this place. It’s a brash, bright explosion of Hawaiian kitsch, with statues, bamboo, wicker seating and live hula dancing. All that’s missing is the beach. Despite its 60s surfer movie vibe, the bar is actually a p…

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